Prestan Reanimatiepop Ultralite 12-pack

De Prestan Ultralite reanimatiepop 12-pack is het ideale pakket voor reanimatietraining in grotere groepen op meerdere locaties, aangezien het 12-pack wordt geleverd in een handige en ruime trolley.

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The Prestan Ultralite manikin is light weight, easy to assemble and specially made for an effective training on-the-go. The light weight 12-pack comes standard in a convenient trolley to store and carry the manikins easily. A disassembled Ultralite takes about haft the space of a regular manikin, which makes the 12-pack really compact once packed.

This model of the Presta Ultralite manikin does not contain a feedbackmonitor which makes it especially suitable for training on the feeling.


CPR Feedback monitor Exclusief CPR Feedback
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