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New Prestan CPR Supplies

Posted on: 27-08-2020 | Written by: Joris Henderikx New Prestan CPR Supplies

Introducing the new Prestan CPR Supplies.
Some of you might have already received a package past week containing sample products of the new Prestan CPR Supplies. The new Product Prestan has to offer include:

  • Shirts for all Prestan manikins.
  • New training face masks which are compatible with Rescue mask adapters.
  • Knee pads for students to use during CPR training.
  • Prestan keychains containing CPR rescue barriers.

As Prestan we are always interested in the opinion form our distributer and we are looking forward to your feedback. For more information on pricing and delivery possibilities please contact your sales representative within Prestan Europe today.

If you have not yet received your sample pack. Do not worry the sample pack could be included in a running order or might still be in transit. If by the end of the next week you have not received your sample pack please inform us by using the following email address:

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