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Prestan AED Trainers

Prestan has two universal AED trainers to complete a resuscitation training or first aid course. Both the Prestan's AED trainers are affordable and due to the many options, scenario's and child-button they can be used to simulate almost every common AED. The AED Trainer Plus is closest to brand AED trainers in it's size and with the lid to open whilst the UltraTrainer is the compact, lightweight training solution. In addition, the Prestan training electrodes contain the unique Pad Sensing system. The electrodes have sensors which automatically detect when the pads are placed on the training manikin to simulate a real-life situation even better. The Prestan AED trainers are packed in a convenient carry bag and also available as 4-pack for training of bigger groups.

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CPR manikins CPR manikins with a unique feedback function
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