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Prestan Ultralite CPR practice manikins

These Ultra lightweight practise manikins are Prestan's solution for CPR manikins that need to moved regularly. Trough the convenient carrying bags and trolley cases the multipacks can be transferred easily, ideal for training-on-the-go. At the moment the practise manikins are also useful as virtual training solutions. The Ultralite CPR manikins can be sent to the course members to use during an online training. Due to the compact format and light weight does this not have to cost much. Especially when adding the unique feedback monitor the student can practise at home with instant feedback.
Despite of the light weight the size of the manikin is as right for the placement of the hands and patching the electrodes. Besides the bottom is equipped with non-skid by which the manikin doesn't move while resuscitating. Furthermore the Ultralite is very cost efficient just like the other Prestan practise manikins, certainly when using the lung bags and/or faceshields. The Prestan Ultralite is available as single manikin, 4-pack and 12-pack including all helpful accessories and a convenient carry bag or trolley.


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CPR manikins CPR manikins with a unique feedback function
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