Prestan Europe is the master distributor for Prestan Products LLC in Europe. Effective begin 2020 Prestan Europe is founded as distributor because Prestan Products had decided to work with one master distributor for each continent. For all the European distributors is Prestan Europe the designated party for all questions regarding Prestan products, sales and marketing support and warranty issues. Also the users of Prestan products can get the necessary support, mainly when having questions about the products. Prestan Europe wants to strengthen the existing relationships in Europe and expand the dealer network even further. So is the aim that consumers in every region can get the local support that they deserve. On the dealer locator page "Find a dealer", you'll be able to find your local dealer. 

The Prestan Products brand stands for building confidence during a resuscitation. Prestan believes that confidence is vital in an emergency situation where resuscitation is required. Prestan CPR training products give users the confidence to provide good qualitative CPR, until the professional assistance is present. All too often trained people still doubt after a resuscitation whether the cardiac massage and respirations were provided the right way. Due to the unique feedback function built in the Prestan products these doubts will be removed as much as possible already during the CPR practise. 

Prestan Products make CPR training more valuable

Prestan CPR manikins provide immediate auditory and visual feedback to the students en trainers during the CPR training. Students are able to see and hear that they are performing the chest compressions properly and thus gain the confidence to perform CPR during a real emergency. In addition, the practise torso's of Prestan look and feel very realistic, so that an emergency situation can be simulated very realistically.

Also the universal Prestan AED trainers are an indispensable tool during CPR training. With the unique universal AED trainers, the operation of almost all brands and models of AED's can be simulated. Due to the many scenarios and baby/child-button, almost any emergency situation can be simulated. In addition, the AED trainers are the first to support the 15:2 protocol for resuscitation on paediatric victims

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