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Prestan training electrodes

The universal Prestan AED training electrodes can be used to practise a resuscitation on both adult and  peadiatric victims. The electrodes contain Prestan's unique pad sensing technology, allowing the AED to detect whether both electrodes are placed on the CPR manikin. The high-quality pads last for over 100 applications and the pad adhesive adheres and removes well to any manikin on the market without leaving residue on the manikin. Because of this the training electrodes assure a real-to-live training experience. Besides the pad replacement is easy and cost effective as you just replace the pads and keep the cable. The universal Prestan electrodes are available as single and 4-pack.


Value for money Really good value for money
CPR manikins CPR manikins with a unique feedback function
Certified USA and European certified products
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