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At Prestan, we often notice that CPR instructors and students face challenges in properly practicing providing CPR and respirations. Especially in finding the right compression frequency and depth. Prestan products are realistic and provide instant audible and visual feedback, which is why many instructors choose to work with Prestan CPR manikins. The unique feedback features allow students to see, hear, and feel that they are performing CPR properly. In addition, the performance can be assessed by the instructors at a glance. The anatomically correct features allow for realistic placement of the hands and AED electrodes on the body.

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Prestan Europe is Prestan products master distributor in Europe. We are the point of contact for all your questions about Prestan regarding to sales, marketing and (warranty) support. The goal of Prestan Europe is to create more brand awareness for Prestan Products in Europe. Prestan works together with the local distributors to train people as good as possible to provide CPR.

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Prestan AED Trainers.

For CPR instructors reliable equipment is important. An AED trainer is part of a good CPR training. All Prestan AED trainers are reliable, modern and high quality products that can simulate the use of every AED type. 

The Prestan electrodes contain the unique pads sensing-technology. This system detects when the pads are placed correctly on a CPR manikin and provide a more realistic simulation of the use of an AED during the CPR training. The Prestan AED trainers are the first AED trainers supporting the 15:2 resuscitation protocol for children, easily accessible through pushing the child-button on the trainer.  

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