Prestan Adult CPR Manikin 4-pack

The Prestan adult CPR manikin is realistic to the eye and the touch, unlike any other on the market. The adult manikin is also available in a convenient 4-pack, which comes in a firm carrying bag with the lung bags to train in bigger groups.

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Product information

Prestan manikins are light weight, less than half the weight of the nearest competitor. This make especially a 4-pack easy to take to any location. Prestan Professional adult Manikins are available in medium and dark skin tones and the 4-pack is also available in the combined diversity pack. The Prestan adult manikin 4-pack is also equipped with Prestan's unique feedback function. The feedback module provides immediate feedback about the compression rate and is built-in in the manikins shoulder and the clicker provides feedback about the compression depth. 

The highly cost-effective Prestan CPR Torso is designed to teach the trainee to perform CPR with the correct force and frequency of chest compressions. Prestan resuscitation dolls are very light, especially compared to other brands, which makes carrying multiple dolls easier. In addition, the doll feels and looks very realistic. The Prestan Adult CPR torso meets all FDA and ERC requirements.  


Warranty 3 years
CPR Feedback monitor CPR Feedback included
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