Prestan Professional AED Trainer Plus KIT

Leading-edge AED Trainer that most closely resembles brand AED Trainers in size and weight for a realistic training experience. Features customizable options to match training environments and includes a child button. Clear confident voice prompts.  Also CPR prompts to help the student keep pace with chest compressions.

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Product information

This universal AED trainer PLUS is the successor to the Prestan AED Trainer and offers a number of functions more than the first version. For example, this AED-Trainer has a baby / child module so that students can now also be trained in baby / child resuscitation 15: 2. In addition, this AED-Trainer has the option to switch the metronome and the instruction for ventilation on / off. Because the Prestan AED trainer PLUS is not brand related, students are prepared for the use of all types of AEDs in practice.


Warranty 3 years
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