Prestan Professional Family Pack

Prestan Professional Family pack consists of two adult manikins, one child manikin and two infant manikins. Packaged in a convenient carrying bag it is the perfect package for training CPR in a broad spectrum of potential victims. The manikins are all equipped with the CPR feedback monitor.

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Product information

The Prestan Family pack is ideal to practise CPR on multiple types of victims because it consists of manikins of all ages. This makes the Family pack very suitable for use on training for (semi) professional rescue helpers but also for school and (sport)clubs for example. The convenient lung bags are included with the manikins allowing to start practising immediately. All 5 manikins are equipped with Prestan's unique feedback system, giving the students direct feedback about both the compression frequency and depth.

The Prestan family pack is available in a medium and dark skin version. 


CPR Feedback monitor CPR Feedback included
Warranty 3 years
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