Prestan series 2000 adult Manikin

The Prestan professional 2000 series adult is the newest and most comprehensive Prestan CPR manikin. The series 2000 contains the trusted feedback monitor in the shoulder, but can also be linked to the Prestan app for more comprehensive feedback and in depth feedback view of the training results. 

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Product information

The Series 2000 adult is the newest Prestan CPR manikin and provides the most comprehensive feedback options. A series 2000 manikin can be linked to the Prestan app for in-depth feedback and looking back to the training results after the session. But the manikin still contains the feedback monitor and an adjusted clicker to provide real time feedback to a student. By combining both, Prestan wants to ensure that students built confidence for actual emergency situations. The manikin does still have the realistic appearance and feeling a regular Prestan professional adult manikin has and is also approved for use by the FDA and the ERC.

Up to 6 manikins can be connected to one device, allowing a trainer to keep an eye and provide feedback to multiple students in one go. But it can also be helpful for students to monitor their own performance on their own device to adjust their compressions or breaths immediately. All option together provide a versatile and realistic training experience for students of all ages. 


Warranty 1 year
CPR Feedback monitor CPR Feedback included
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