Prestan Ultralite Manikin 4-pack

Set of four Prestan Ultralite manikins, packed in a convenient carrying bag. The Prestan Ultralite manikins are light weight and easy to assemble, specifically designed for effective training on-the-go.

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Product information

The Ultralite CPR manikins consist of multiple parts, making the CPR manikin extra light weight and really compact for storage. This makes the manikin especially interesting for resuscitation training on multiple locations. The Ultralite is designed in a way to be easily and intuitively assembled at the location of the training. The 4-pack comes in a convenient, compact carrying bag which makes it easy to be carried and stored. 

This version of the Prestan Ultralite is not equipped with a feedback monitor, making this version especially suitable for training CPR using the right feeling. The Ultralite 4-pack without feedback monitor is available in the dark skin and medium skin version.


CPR Feedback monitor CPR Feedback excluded
Warranty 3 years
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